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Everything is priced at just £15 per kilo! From 60's maxi dresses to 80's denim, we'll weigh your finds and calculate the exact price at our rate of £15 per kilo. Only want one or two items? Don't worry, we can weigh individual items or small hauls and you'll only be charged the exact weight - we don't round up or down to whole kilos. 

We measure in 0.05kg (75p) increments, so for example half a kilo would be just £7.50 (0.5kg). There's no minimum or maximum spend, walk away with just a silk scarf or bow tie, but if you're spoilt for choice feel free to fill your boots

Depop seller with handpicked vinage from Sheffield Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale













0.65kg=£9.75 0.7kg=£10.50 0.75kg=£11.25


0.85kg=£12.75 0.9kg=£13.50 0.95kg=£14.25

1kg = £15

£15 per

max price?

Some items have a maximum price which is designed to save you money! These items will be on individually signed rails or tables, but if you're unsure, ask a member of staff & they'll point them out. Remember to remove these items from your shopping bag at checkout so our staff know not to weigh them with everything else - we'll always work out the cheapest price for you!



heavy coat?

Certain heavy coats are maximum £15, so we only charge the weight up to 1kg!


 If it weighs over 1kg, we'll reduce the price to just £15! This includes all types of leather & suede jackets, sheepskin coats, faux fur coats, wax jackets & long Winter coats.

Check the signs above the rail to see if its fixed price or not!



bags, bags, bags!

We haul a huge array of bags with us and these are only sold by weight up to £10! If it weighs over a tenner, then that's the price you pay. If it weighs under, then of course you'll always pay the cheaper weighed price. 


This includes all types of handbag, sports bags, holdalls & briefcases, find them hung on huge grid walls or on tabletops around the venue.




converse & shoes

We bring hundreds of pairs of Converse & Vans with us which are all just a flat price of £5 per pair.


They often weigh in at around £8+ so make sure you remove them from your bag when you go to pay!



belt up!

Belts are the ultimate accessory to compliment your new outfit, and they're all just £1 each!


Find them hung on huge grid walls, no matter what style you choose they're all a quid!

whats a kilo?

Find yourself wondering what a kilo is? Head to your kitchen and grab a bag of sugar! Our prices will vary depending on a wide range of factors, and no two items are the same. However, as a rough guide, we've worked out the average prices of some of our more popular items. Remember you can also weigh as you shop at our events with scales placed around the venues, so you won't get any surprises. 

0.1kg  -  0.4kg

Lightweight materials will obviously weigh a lot less than heavier ones such as denim, so you can expect to pay as little as £1.50 (0.1kg) for items like sports jerseys or silk blouses.


On average, we find that t-shirts are around £3 (0.2kg), with polos being slightly heavier at around £4.50 (0.3kg).


Blouses and shirts can widely vary, though they rarely weigh over £6 (0.4kg) each.

0.45kg  -  0.9kg

Our sportswear rail has a wide variety of sizes, styles & products and items like hoodies, sweatshirts and track tops can stretch from £4.50 (0.3kg) right up to £12 (0.8kg). Same applies for items like short jackets or tweed. 


Some lighter wool jumpers & knitwear can be found around the £7.50 (0.5kg) mark, with the average price leaning more towards £10.50 (0.7kg) for the chunkier knits.

Most jeans can be found between the £9.75 (0.65kg) - £13.50 (0.9kg) price brackets too.

0.95kg  -  1kg

The majority of our heavier items tend to be those made of denim, which while they can be pricier, the quality usually makes up for the added cost. Denim jackets average around £15 (1kg) each, with dungarees often coming in slightly lighter around the £13.50 (0.9kg) bracket. 

Winter jackets, ski jackets, padded coats & really chunky knitwear can pull close to £15 (1kg) too. 

1kg +

Few individual items weigh over 1kg, but it does happen from time to time. Big padded 80's denim jackets for example have been known to be on the pricer side, but our prices still work out cheaper than elsewhere!

Some jackets may be slightly over 1kg, for example speciality outdoor coats may weigh in at £18 (1.2kg) and have fleece linings which will add to the weight, but it's still a small price to pay for all that added warmth!


And for super heavy items, we'll often reduce the price down to just £15. This includes sheepskin coats, leather jackets, faux fur coats, wax jackets & long Winter coats. Double check with our staff to see if your item has a maximum price.

the uk's biggest kilo sale! 

all £15 per kilo!

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