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The whole concept of a 'kilo sale' was created by vintage wholesalers to offsell any old or low grade stock on the cheap to not only trade buyers, but to the wider public & individual customer too. Like any end of season sale, quality stock was few and far between...until Preloved Kilo entered the market.


We are the only event of its kind in the UK to actually handpick Grade A items just for our events, meaning at least two members of our team personally inspect every single item we sell before it hits the rails -  checking not only the physical quality of each item, but ensuring there's a varied mix of sizes, colours, eras, prints & styles. This applies to all of our stock, meaning wherever you shop with us, you'll only ever find quality pieces often in ready to wear condition. 


Sheffield Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale

vintage roots

After years of successfully running a small high street vintage shop (Mooch Vintage, for those who remember it in Sheffield) and various pop-up events, Preloved Kilo was founded in 2016 after our director Wayne built up contacts with several global wholesale suppliers and as a result, quickly ran out of warehouse space...


Preloved Vintage Wholesale Ltd was created to bring handpicked wholesale to the public, selling quality vintage on a scale never seen before at prices people couldn't believe via a unique pay by weight concept - everything is priced per kilo!


29th January 2017

Wayne at Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale Bristol

With the help of friends & family, who remain employees to this day, our first event took place in Bristol's Motion nightclub on 29th January 2017 with hundreds of customers pouring through our doors. Now in our fourth year, we've hosted over 300 events spanning Dundee to Brighton and at least 50 other towns and cities in between, earning ourselves the title of the UK's biggest kilo sale.


We hosted our 100th event, located at Leicester's Empire Hall.​ By this point, we'd easily saved a couple of hundred tonnes of clothing from heading to landfill. 

29th April 2018


5th May 2019

first event

100th event

August 2019

A year later, we'd hit another milestone - our 200th event! This took place at Colchester's Charter Hall, which despite being one of our largest venues, we still managed to fill it full with vintage...

Summer of 2019 saw us embark on our Seaside Tour where we shipped our huge kilo sale to several coastal towns around the UK; a feeble attempt at giving the team a break!


Kicking off in Margates' Dreamland Theme Park, we also stopped at Southend's Park in by Radisson Palace hotel, The Royal Assembly Rooms of Great Yarmouth, Skegness' Embassy Theatre, Bournemouth's Lovechurch, Brighton's Open Market and we closed at the iconic Winter Gardens of Blackpool. 


1st March 2020

300th event

Preloved Kilo's Sheffield Shop.

Our 300th event! We had a mega Scottish weekend on our hands, with double events taking place in Edinburgh & Dundee, followed by our 299th & 300th events in Glasgow & Stirling!

Interior of the Preloved Kilo Sheffield shop.

first shop

15th June 2020

After the coronavirus pandemic brought our events to a complete stop, we said goodbye to Mooch Vintage and opened our first ever Preloved Kilo Pop-up Shop! The exact same concept but in a more permanent space, right in the heart of Sheffield City centre!

4th August 2020

Mystery Boxes

With many events postponed, we'd finally had chance to slow down and reflect on what we'd built up over past few years as a travelling kilo sale and we decided to give our customers what they wanted - quality vintage at wholesale prices - but available 24/7 via our own online webshop. 

We also introduced our unique Mystery Boxes, where customers can choose to have a kilo of clothing delivered to their door, in their size, but with no clue as to what they're getting besides a vague indication of the type of item they'll receive! In just 12 month, we'd sold over 3500 of them!

20th October 2020

working with asda

We'd made a name for ourselves, not only as the biggest kilo wholesaler in the UK, but as the best - the quality of clothing was unbelievable considering the vast volumes we were shifting each week! So it was no surprise when we were approached by George at ASDA (yes, the supermarket giant!) to bring sustainable fashion to the mainstream...

After months of discussion and preparation, we finally announced our partnership with George at ASDA and launched Preloved Vintage on 20th October 2020, with our handpicked items available to purchase at affordable per piece prices in 5 ASDA Supermarkets, including their new Sustainability Trial Store in Middleton, Leeds.

Preloved Vintage section inside ASDA Middleton Supermarket.

30th November 2020

Selling second hand clothing in supermarkets...who knew it would be such a huge success! And just a few weeks later we were already expanding, with Preloved Vintage now available in 10 ASDA Supermarkets across the UK. 


30th June 2021

Climate Positive Workforce - Play It Green Leaf Logo.

second shop

Less than a year after the launch, Preloved Vintage had become a` huge success and on 30th June, we announced the launch into an additional 40 ASDA supermarkets - taking it to 50 stores overall now stocking sustainable, second hand fashion!

21st July 2021

planting trees

In July we announced another partnership aimed to increase our green credentials - we now worked with Play It Green! With Play It Green, we signed up to plant monthly trees on behalf of every employee to offset the carbon footprints generated just by turning up to work, such as commuting to our HQ, travelling to events and transporting our goods. We are now proud to call ourselves a climate positive workforce!

In addition to this, we also offered a new event ticket type - Green Entry Tickets - which gives our customers the opportunity to plant a tree too to offset the carbon footprints generated when travelling to shop with us. 

5th August 2021

With no events in August, we normally take a well deserved break before returning to peak season, but our team just can't slow down...

...And on 5th August we opened our newest venture: a second Pop-up Kilo Shop right in the centre of Doncaster! As with our Sheffield shop, it thrived and the people of Doncaster were thrilled to see a small businesses return to the high street.


Sadly our lease was only temporary so we did say goodbye just a few month later, but future pop-ups aren't out of the question. 

1st October 2021

Exterior of the temporary Preloved Kilo Doncaster shop.

15th November 2021

We introduced our kilo loyalty card! Customers shopping in store or at events can earn a stamp for every whole kilo purchased...collect 10 stamps and a free kilo is rewarded!

Less than 6 months into our partnership with Play It Green, our customers have helped us plant thousands of trees via our Green Entry event tickets, with our 5000th tree planted on 15th November 2021. 


12th January 2022

On line Launch!

As our commitment to rewarding our most loyal customers, we launched our exclusive Kilo Club! With three different options starting at just £5 per year, we've offered various perks and incentives to those who choose to shop with us on a regular basis. 

Affordable, Sustainable, Fashionable slogan advert.

After several months of trialling and perfecting our process, we finally launched our brand new affordable, sustainable fashion website! 

Our customers can now shop individual items priced by weight, taking our kilo online and more accessible than ever. With fresh stock added daily, we're able to provide sustainable fashion at very competitive prices direct to your door. 

21st may 2022

400th event!

Another milestone - our 400th event! Taking place at our High Wycombe debut! 

27th March 2022

3rd May 2022

At our Ipswich & Nottingham events, we launched our brand new digital loyalty card! Our customers can easily add their cards straight to their Google or Apple wallets and collect loyalty stamps on every kilo purchased, with rewards saved straight to their phone. With over 30,000 paper loyalty cards handed out since their launch in October 2021, we hope to eventually phase them out in favour of the digital version to cut the need for paper at all. 

500th event!

1st April 2023

Our 500th event took place a Southend's Park inn Hotel! Not a bad way to celebrate at the seaside! 

Follow the rest of our story as it plays out!

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