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Pay to Shop?

We're not your standard high street shop, we're a pop-up on a massive scale and trust us, that small entry fee makes a huge difference for us. From hotels for our staff, fuel for all our vans to the flyers we print reminding you who we are, our entry fee helps offset some of these hidden costs to keep our kilos low and sustainable fashion affordable for all. Read below to find out what our tickets include and which is right for you. 

Vintage clothing lovers form HUGE queue for Preloved Kilo sale

 Bath Chronicle 

Free entry

A limited quantity of free entry tickets are released as soon as an event is published online! Be quick if you see them, they get snapped up!​ These are the same as our general paid entry tickets, except free, no catches!

£2 entry

Entry is £2 or £1.50 if booked online in advance, though under 12's are free and no ticket is needed. If you require a carer, they can accompany you for free too. You can revisit unlimited times throughout the day, simply show your ticket again for re-entry! 

£2 green entry

These are the exact same as general entry tickets and you can attend the event as normal, however these are priced at £2 and 50p from the sale of that goes to planting a tree on your behalf via our partnership with Play It Green!

Advance Kilos

Already familiar with our events and just know you'll be walking out with a huge haul? Advance Kilos are for you. Pre-pay for up to 5 kilos at an exclusive rate of £18 per kilo! They're only available in advance and in limited quantities so make sure you book them if you're sure to attend. 

Advance Kilo Tickets
Advance Kilo Tickets
Jun 15, 2023, 10:44 AM
Various locations.
Pre-pay & save! Max 5 per person, per event. See T&C's.

How they work

Redeeming your advance kilos is easy. Simply head to the event and shop as normal, adding all your finds to your big clear shopping bag. Once ready, go to pay and let our till staff know you have advance kilo tickets. They'll weigh your haul and deduct 1kg for every Advance Kilo you have purchased. If your haul weights over your Advance Kilo allowance, you just pay the difference at our usual rate of £20 per kilo.


So for example if you have purchased 2 Advance Kilo tickets, you can pick out 2kg of clothing with nothing extra to pay. Our till staff will weigh your haul, scan your tickets, and send you on your way. Done! 

However if you have 2 Advance Kilo tickets and you pick out say, 2.5kg of clothing, our till staff will deducted the 2kg you have already paid for and you'll then only have to pay the extra 0.5kg left, which would be £10. 


Max 5 Advance Kilo tickets per person, per event. Only valid for the event stated on the ticket. No refunds or change can be given so please pick out your full kilo value. These tickets do not include the entry fee so you must also book an entry ticket or pay £1.50 entry on the door. The extra 50p per ticket is the booking fee.

Advance Kilo Info
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