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Circular Series - Vinted

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Need to clear your wardrobe but unsure where to begin? Our Circular Series is here to help! By keeping an item in circulation, the water and carbon footprints generated by that item are drastically lowered. ♻️ In this step-by-step program, we'll introduce you to Vinted which lets you sell your old clothing fee-free, meaning you can easily pass items on to others while earning a lil extra pocket money for yourself. This guide is best suited for those completely new to the world of online-reselling, or those who are less tech-savvy and need a helping hand getting started with the app. We'll talk you through setting up an account from scratch, including tweaking all the required settings, then adding a listing, selling, shipping & getting paid. Before you begin, you'll need to download the Vinted app which can be found on the App Store or Google Play, and you'll need a valid email address to create a new account. To withdraw the money you make, you'll need a GBP bank account opened in the United Kingdom. Note: we are not affiliated or sponsored by Vinted in any way.

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Circular Series - Vinted

Circular Series - Vinted

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