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What's Stocked

Find a range of quality second hand clothing all priced by weight. This means that all our items are priced equally, we don't charge extra for premium pieces or designer brands. Our online base rate is £25 per kilo (vat inclusive), which factors in the added cost of listing & selling a piece individually. From time to time we may offer higher or lower rates for certain lines depending on how/where we sourced them, but our goal is to remain affordable & competitive. 

Just like at our events, you can pretty much find our full range of vintage & branded clothing - dress, skirt, blouse, coats, denim, sportswear, shirts, shoes & bags, trousers, and knitwear. Our items are mostly from the 1960's - 2000's with the occasional older piece from time to time, and we have favourite brands such as Adidas, Nike, Champion, Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Levi, Converse, Puma, Reebok, Vans and more. 

How to Browse & filter

Use the mens & women's tab to select a collection and get stuck in. Anything which is unisex will show up in both the mens and women's collection, let's take knitwear for example which is pretty universal, most items will show on both the women's knitwear page and the men's knitwear page.

You can also filter each collection by colour, style and size and use the price slider if you want to set a budget. You can also use the search function to find what you're after, try searching for brands, prints or eras. 

The size will be listed in the top left of each listing. Click on an item for further product information. Any additional sizing information will be listed as well as any notable flaws or minor faults. 

Adding an item to your bag doesn't reserve it unfortunately, so bear in mind someone else could check out first. 

Whats Stocked
browse & filter


We created our own size chart to maintain consistency across the site, but we will also consider any labels if they're present.


Items are measured from armpit to armpit or across the waist, and trousers/jeans have the leg measured too. If you need further insight into how we size everything up, check out our dedicated size guide page


listed size

(pit to pit)





up to 30"

up to 22"

30" - 33"

22" - 25"

33" - 36"

25" - 28"



36" - 39"

28" - 31"

39" - 42"

31" - 34"


42" - 45"

34" - 37"


45" - 48"

37" - 40"


48" - 51"

40" - 43"


up to Weight















Shipping is automatically calculated by weight, and all orders are sent via next day DPD as standard. Full tracking info will either be texted or emailed so you can track or divert your order in real time. 

Returns & Contact

Returns & Contact

We do try to minimise returns as they're expensive for us as a small business running on small margins, and they're not exactly sustainable. However if you're really unhappy with your items we can definitely work to make it right. Please use our dedicated returns page for further information and to submit a return request. If you still need to contact us, you can find out details on the contact page here. 

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