work for us


  • Hours: usually 8am - 6pm (at the very latest), at least one 20 minute break will be provided.

  • Fixed hourly cash rate (meets min wage)

  • Location: Various, please see event listings for individual venue details.


  • Each event will often require 2-15 additional vintage lovers to assist our full time team! Roles will be assigned by us on the day and could include:

  • Assisting the Stock Team: Replenishing rails with stock throughout the day. Hanging clothes and bringing them out to the floor staff.  

  • Assisting Floor Staff: Keeping the event/allocated area tidy, directing customers to the weigh stations, checking on changing rooms and removing any items left rejected by our customers. 

  • Assisting the Door/Till team: Scanning tickets on entry, completing final weigh-ins and taking payments (full training given, don't panic!)

  • Promotions: Handing out bags to customers in the queue. Holding board signs outside to direct customers to the venue, using your charm to draw in extra custom!

  • Setting up/closing down: Depending on when you arrive/finish, you'll help set up or pack away the event, including dismantling rails, packing clothing away, loading vans etc. 


At a glance...tick all applicable fields...experience isn't required but if you know how our events work, even better!

t h e   u k ' s   b i g g e s t   k i l o   e v e n t !