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We normally ask staff to be available from 8am until 6pm at the very latest, though most staff do finish a few hours earlier than closing time - it all depends on how busy we are and whether our customers have turned the rails upside down! 

A 20 minute break will be provided if you're required to stay for the full day, you can bring some lunch or have a rummage!


We have various roles but most day staff will help hang clothing round the back or help us keep the floor tidy. It's all pretty simple stuff!

Sometimes we may ask for help on the door such as scanning tickets in or handing shopping bags out, or we may ask for help on the tills but don't panic as full training will be given! 

You may also be asked to help with promo, such as handing out flyers or drawing in customers with handheld signs. 


We pay an hourly cash rate of £10 per hour, plus a reduced staff rate for anything you wish to purchase. Please note that shopping must only be done on breaks or outside of shift hours, sorry!


At a glance...tick all applicable fields...experience isn't required but if you know how our events work, even better!
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