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The whole concept of a 'kilo sale' was created by vintage wholesalers to offsell any old or low grade stock on the cheap to not only trade buyers, but to the wider public & individual customer too. Like any end of season sale, quality stock was few and far between...until Preloved Kilo entered the market.


We are the only event of its kind in the UK to actually handpick Grade A items just for our events, meaning at least two members of our team personally inspect every single item we sell before it hits the rails -  checking not only the physical quality of each item, but ensuring there's a varied mix of sizes, colours, eras, prints & styles. This also applies to the stock heading to our Sheffield shop, online boxes and orders sent to ASDA, meaning wherever you shop with us, you'll only ever find quality pieces often in ready to wear condition. 



Our director Wayne is also our head buyer, and he spends at least 6 months of the year on buying trips abroad. From America to East Asia, we have several global suppliers who provide us with a mountain of second hand clothing on each visit: it's our Wayne's job to comb through that mountain item by item, cherry picking only the goods of the highest quality, top brands & boldest prints that we know our customers want. 

Wayne can purchase anywhere between 8-15 tonne at a time, with smaller 3 tonne weekly deliveries handpicked buy our team to keep a fresh supply of grade A vintage moving on to our rails. 

In 2019 we built our own on-site laundrette to ensure the vast majority of our items are in ready to wear condition. 


While we do strive to bring only the highest quality items to our events, there may be the odd imperfection and it's worth remembering that these items can be up to 70 years old, and some signs of wear & tear may be present. But don't let that put you off, a missing cuff button on an 80's new wave shirt is easily replaced, you've just kept that item in circulation that much longer - and the carbon footprint is instantly reduced. 

dress, skirt & blouse


jackets & tweed

various coats

wool & knitwear

shirts & flannel

leather jackets

faux fur

small accessories

denim & jeans


converse & shoes

& more!

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Preloved Kilo Warehouse with vintage clothing delivery

Tommy Hilfiger




Ralph Lauren

Levi & lee

Fred Perry






& more!

Clothing condition

We always strive to offer grade A quality vintage & second hand goods, taking great care to spot any serious flaws or stains before they make it to sale; though we are only human and the odd fault may slip through.


At events and in store, we do ask that you thoroughly check all items to make sure you're happy with them before purchasing.

Our wholesale boxes are grade A and shouldn't have any serious flaws, stains or faults, though we have to give an allowance for fair wear e.g. bobbling, fading.

We have our own laundrette so we do try to wash as many items as possible making them ready to wear, you'll be able to smell the freshness if your item has been for a spin!

We actively donate all damaged and faulty goods to those who can repair & rework them, check our scrap box listing if you wish to snap one up. 


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