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Preloved Kilo Loyalty cards!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Seeing as we love you lot as much as you love us...starting October 2021 we've got loyalty cards at the ready! For every whole kilo you purchase, you'll earn 1 kilo stamp. Collect 10 stamps and earn a free kilo to spend next time you shop with us*! 😁


  1. For every whole kilo purchased either at one of our events or our kilo shops (located in Sheffield & Doncaster), you'll earn 1 stamp. Remember, it's whole kilos only so even if you have 2.95kg, it's still only two stamps.

  2. You can collect them any time you shop with us, so remember to keep your card on you and keep it safe!

  3. When you have 10 stamps, you'll earn a free kilo to spend with us next time you shop!

  4. Simply hand over next time you pay and we'll knock 1kg off the price off your haul.

  5. Remember to pick up another card so you can start collecting again!

Pretty simple stuff!

*Unfortunately not available for online purchases.


Can't be earned or redeemed with online purchases. Stamps can't be earned on kilos paid for with Advance Kilo Tickets. No cash value. Lost or stolen cards can't be replaced so please look after them and treat them like cash. We reserve the right to amend the terms or withdraw the card at any point without notification. Our partnership with ASDA is independent to our events and shops and ASDA has no participation or affiliation with the loyalty card.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 30, 2021

Hi, how can I get my hands on a loyalty card please? 🇬🇧♥️💫👕👖🧢👒👟👞

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