Preloved kilo’s virtual vintage museum - part 1

It‘s a little strange here at Preloved HQ, normally we’d have piles of clothes all over the place, an 80’s radio station blasting out Duran Duran and the smell of burnt toast coming from the kitchen but everything is exactly as we left it weeks and weeks ago...(though the toast was removed from the toaster and the radio was unplugged to minimise electrical fire risk 🤓).

Sports wear rails at Preloved Kilos main warehouse.
All railed up and nowhere to go.

Staff and customer safety is of utmost importance, so dropping everything was always the right decision to make, but as we all start to look to the future we’ve come to realise and be thankful that our business utilises the old and somewhat unusual, meaning when we do eventually return, nothing will have expired and nothing will be out of season.

And so with no events to report on, we‘ve decided to see what we really have here at Preloved HQ - and that’s our excuse to play with the clothes and we’re sticking with it! Some of you will be familiar with our Wayne - our director and main buyer - but what some of you may not know is he’s got a personal collection of vintage items stashed away in a corner of our warehouse. He’s got Victorian dresses and Edwardian capes to couture suits and designer pieces straight from the catwalk, its our own vintage clothing museum!

It would be rude to keep it hidden, so we‘ve had a proper rummage on both ours and Wayne’s rails and we’ve found some amazing examples of fashion trends from modern history, and while we’re here we’ll also put together some mini guides to help you date your own finds too.