1kg Scrap Box

1kg Scrap Box

As some of you will know, we donate our damaged items to local crafters, creatives & upcyclers to allow them to put our faulty goods to better to use, meaning we have less waste overall as a business, and those items still won't be heading to landfill. We've had many requests from all across the country for our waste material, so now you can order a scrap box delivered straight to your door!


These boxes will contain 1 - 2kg of damaged product, please only order one or two boxes per person so everyone has the chance to craft and create. The boxes themselves are free* and will vary in weight but our standard 1kg shipping rate (+ handling fee) still applies. 


We'll still also be sending some to our Sheffield kilo shop for those that collect in person, and if you do create something new from our old scrap, make sure to tag us in the photos!


*We have to charge 1p to enable us to list on the website!

The items in this box will be faulty, damaged or otherwise unfit for sale by us, so if you can repair, upcycle or create something completely new with random scraps of material, this box is for you!


Items will be available by type:

  • Shirts - various materials & styles, including men's branded shirts, printed/Hawaiian shirts, unbranded shirts, flannel shirts. 
  • Scarves - lightweight silk/satin scarves, or other small lightweight scarves, bows, ties and ribbons. The materials will vary and may not include real silk. 
  • Leather/suede - coats, skirts, waistcoats or tops.
  • T-shirts & polo - mostly branded
  • Knitwear - knitted/woven jumpers, tweed, woven jackets, wool scarves. The materials will vary and may not include real wool. 
  • Dress/Skirt/Blouse mix - various materials & styles
  • Denim - jackets, jeans, skirts, shorts & cut offs (jean legs) from upcycled shorts.
  • Surprise mix - any of the above plus any other odd items we may have, such as coats, jackets, sportswear etc. 


Items will vary by fault/damage, but may include:

  • holes/tears/splits
  • broken zips/missing buttons/other missing components
  • staining/excessive fading
  • general excessive wear
  • stretched elastics

It's unlikely our items will have been washed as the fault will likely have been spotted before being sent to our laundrette (unless of course, the fault is a stain which we have failed to remove...) so we recommend you wash all items before you start your project. 

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