1kg Tailored Box

1kg Tailored Box

Not brave enough to try a 1kg Mystery Box? Then why not opt for our 1kg Tailored Boxes instead! You'll receive the exact items pictured and they've also been sorted for size, so you know just what's in your box before it arrives! These boxes are priced at £20 + p&p, with the slightly increased price helping to cover the added time taken for our team to hand curate each one, plus photographing and listing them all individually. 


All you need to do is see if anything takes your fancy from the boxes displayed, then simply select the corresponding box number from the drop down menu. If that box number is missing then unfortunately you've missed out and that box has already been snapped up, but not to worry as we'll add fresh boxes regularly!


Boxes are matched for size, so most items in each box will fall into the same size category according to our size guide below. You can find the size of the box displayed in the box photo. 


Each box is one of a kind and completely unique, so if it's floating your boat then make sure to add it to your basket ASAP! 

While some items will have a size listed on the label, this is not always the case and with huge size discrepancies between items from different brands and eras, we size our items based on the measurements alone and not what's present on any labels.


All measurements are taken with the item fastened (if applicable) and laid flat, then this number is doubled to give the chest or waist measurement. Dresses are sized based on both the chest and waist.


All items in a box will generally fit into the corresponding size brackets below, though we may pop in a slightly larger item from time to time if we think it would suit an oversized fit. You won't recieve any item that measures smaller than the size stated on the box you pick. 


All Tops - T-shirts, Blouse, Knitwear, Sportswear, Shirts & Dress (chest) 
Measurements are taken from armpit to armpit to give the chest size.

  • XXS: up to 30”
  • XS: 30” - 33”
  • S: 33” - 36”
  • M: 36” - 39”
  • L: 39” - 42”
  • XL: 42” - 45”
  • XXL: 45” - 48”


Skirts,  Shorts & Dress (waist)
Measurements are taken across the waist. 

  • XXS: up to 22”
  • XS: 22” - 25”
  • S: 25” - 28”
  • M: 28” - 31”
  • L: 31” - 34”
  • XL: 34” - 37”
  • XXL: 37” - 40”

This is a guide only, while we will try to ensure all items as part of a 1kg box will fall into the same size category, there may be slight variances. If you fall into two size categories, we recommend you size up - it's easier to adjust if it's slightly too big rather than slightly too small! 


Unfortunatly if an item doesn't fit or doesn't suit you, we're unable to accept returns. Why not ask friends if they'd like it, host a wardrobe swap and see what you can trade it for! Or you can simply stick it online! Depop, eBay and Etsy are great second hand selling sites which are easy to setup and use. Our prices are low enough that many small business buy from us to resell themselves, so you should very easily make your money back, if not a little extra profit for yourself too!