5kg American Track Top

5kg American Track Top

These pieces are generally grade A quality but have some form of customisation which makes them a little less desirable but still perfectly wearable, so we're offering them at a reduced rate of £10 per kilo to ensure there's still plenty of profit to be made!  


The majority of items will have some form of American business/sports customisation such as small league football teams or company logos - this can range from hot fixed designs to full embroidery across either the front, sleeves or back. The item itself may be branded (e.g. Adidas, Nike etc) though there's no guarantee and unbranded pieces may be included, and they'll generally date from the 80's onwards, including more modern pieces from time to time. 


The vast majority of the items will be track tops so there's still a strong resale market, though we may include the odd other American branded sports piece such as hoodies, shell or lightweight coats.  Items will generally be grade A quality though there may be slightly more signs of wear than what you'd expect from our usual grade e.g. slightly more bobbling, fading or flaking logos, though no major flaws or faults, again this is reflected in the price of these boxes. 



    All our products are second hand & vintage, and while we do strive to offer only Grade A quality, some reasonable signs of wear is to be expected e.g. bobbling or light fading.

    Please read our full box terms before making a purchase, so you know what to expect when it arrives.