5kg Funky Shirt Box

5kg Funky Shirt Box

This box will bring a bit of Summer cheer! You'll recieve 5kg of funky pattern shirts (long and short sleeve), most will be unbranded though branded pieces will be included where available. There will be a mix of prints, colours & patterns including 80's & 90's wavy, Hawiian, abstract designs and just generally loud shirts.


Items will vary by print, style & size though we'll try to give a good mix per box. All will be grade A quality so in clean condition with no serious flaws or damage.                        



Boxes are available while stocks last, we also supply our shop and several events weekly so these have priority over our wholesale venture. The weight of the actual box itself is not included in the box weighted value (i.e. 10kg box will include exactly 10kg of clothing), but the box weight will be calculated into the cost of shipping. 


You will receive the same type of items as the ones pictured, though these are just examples and you will not receive these exact products. Items will vary based on size, brand, colour, material and style and we can’t guarantee you will receive anything more specific than the type of items listed as available for each box.


Items may contain materials of animal original such as leather, wool or silk (no real fur), if you don't wish to have these products due to ethical reasons please add a note at checkout. 


All items have been graded by our team prior to shipping and we strive to offer only high quality second hand and vintage pieces, though we are only human and the odd fault may slip through. Please get in touch if you find an item to be unreasonably damaged and we'll investigate the issue further. 


Please bear in mind that these are all vintage and second hand used items, so we do have to give allowance for fair wear and tear, such as fading, light marks or very small pinholes. 


We have our own on-site laundrette so certain items will have been washed prior to shipping and will be ready to wear. Please use your own judgment though and wash anything you feel does still need a quick spin. Older vintage may need a specialist treatment such as a delicate hand wash. We're not responsible for any damage to any item after you've treated, altered or washed it.


We're unable to guarantee authenticity on branded items; however our team are experienced and will use their personal knowledge to try and only provide authentic branded goods. We purchase our items in good faith and as such we aim to only provide genuine, authentic branded pieces. We are not responsible for any items deemed to be counterfeit by our customers or any other authorised third party.