Scrap Box

Scrap Box

As some of you will know, we offer our damaged items to local crafters, creatives & upcyclers to allow them to put our faulty goods to better to use, meaning we have less waste overall as a business and those items still won't be heading to landfill. We've had many requests from all across the country for our waste material, so now you can order a scrap box delivered straight to your door!


These boxes will contain a random assortment of products we've deemed unsuitable for sale by us, including grade B/C/D quality - this can include, holes, tears, stains, missing components (i.e. buttons), broken zips, excessive signs of wear, questionable labels and on occasion the odd modern piece which simply doesnt fit in with our product catalogue (e.g. high street brands). 


There could be anything from our entire range such as dresses, skirts, blouse, shirts, sportswear, t-shirts, denim & jeans, coats, jackets, scarfs, knitwear, leather jackets etc. We will include branded pieces as well where possible, though theres no guarantee.


Please note this box isn't sold by weight, we'll simply fill one of our small boxes full with as much as possible, if you order multiple scrap boxes we'll fill one of our bigger boxes. 


We're also unable to offer any specific product or custom scrap box, as our deliveries increase and we grade more and more stock we'll simply pop unsuitable product into a box and seal it up once its full. 


    All our products are second hand & vintage, and while we do strive to offer only Grade A quality, some reasonable signs of wear is to be expected e.g. bobbling or light fading.

    Please read our full box terms before making a purchase, so you know what to expect when it arrives.