x50 £1 Belt Box

x50 £1 Belt Box

Belt up, we've got a new box available! You can now purchase vintage leather belts at the same price we charge at events - just £1 each! The only catch is you need to buy 50 of them at a time...but we still think that's a bargain for any established traders needing to top up their accessories!


You'll receive 50 leather belts of various styles, colours, sizes & buckles. Please note they are all used & second hand, so some signs of wear will be visible such as fading/slight scuffs to the leather or tarnishing to the buckles - but the good news is this just adds to the vintage charm! We won't include anything too worn or faulty, so no damaged buckles, unreasonably stretched belt holes, broken leather etc. We will include branded belts where possible (Levi, Lee, Wrangler etc) and we will include larger decorative buckles when we find them too. 


If you'd like a bigger quantity of belts, please get in touch as larger orders may be subject to further wholesale discounts. 


Please note shipping is charged at our 10kg rate due to these items being fairly heavy (we've experimented with the weights and they do weigh close to 10kg on average), however all orders will be weighed and if your falls into the cheaper 5kg shipping bracket we will refund the difference. 

Each Belt Box is completely unique and items will vary per box. Unfortunately we're unable to provide additional details or photographs of individual Mystery boxes or their contents. 

NOTE: this box will contain products of animal origin such as leather (don't worry, no real fur!)


All items have been graded by our team prior to shipping and we strive to offer only high quality second hand and vintage pieces, though we are only human and the odd fault may slip through. Please get in touch if you find an item to be unreasonably damaged and we'll investigate the issue further. 


Please bear in mind that these are all vintage and second hand used items, so we do have to give allowance for fair wear and tear, such as fading, light scuffs or tarnishing etc,  


Belts will not have been cleaned or altered in any way by us. We're not responsible for any damage to any item after you've treated, altered or washed it. 


We try not to sell counterfeit branded goods and any obvious fakes will be removed, however we cannot guarantee authenticity. We’re not responsible for any counterfeits or non-authentic branded items. 

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