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So...what do I do?

Our concept is a completely unique shopping experience, but it's easy to get the hang of, just pop in and pick out some vintage! Once you've found some unique gems, you pay for the item by weight, and our standard rate is £15 per kilo, just like at our events or our online wholesale. 

As an example, t-shirts often weigh around 0.1kg so £1.50, obviously the more you buy the heavier your haul and things like denim jackets will be heavier too, but it often still works out much cheaper than paying individual prices like a traditional vintage shop (and we'd know, we used to be a traditional vintage shop - RIP Mooch Vintage!). 


Is it the same as your events?


Yes! Sort of...


The main difference is that it's a little smaller than our events, but you can still find our full range of vintage. There's also no entry fee and we don't provide a big clear bag on entry - simply bring your own or ask for one of our paper bags when you pay.


Replenishing will be less frequent as well; at events we have to bring fresh stock out non stop to keep up with demand, but as fewer people will be in our shop this demand is therefore reduced. Rest assured though, we do change up the rails regularly! 


Do you stock plus size?

Yes! We handpick every single item we sell, meaning we'll buy anything we find which we believe deserves a second lease of life in someones wardrobe, no matter what size it is! With tonnes of stock available, it's difficult to say exactly what sizes we have at any one time, but we do tend to stock up to at least a size 22 in general. 


is it all in size order?

No, unfortunately! We have such a high turnover of stock it would be a literally impossible task and it would be difficult to keep it organised.

Also, some vintage items don't have labels in them, so there'd be no size listed, and vintage sizes do differ to the modern equvalent sizes. A vintage size 18 is usually more of a modern size 12, so we advise trying your finds on* (see below), or ask us for a tape measure if you know your measurments! 

*Fitting rooms are currently closed due to Covid-19.

Can i try things on?


Normally yes, but our fitting rooms are currently closed due to Covid-19 as required by the Government retail guidelines. Unfortunately this is beyond our control, and until new guidelines are published they will continue to remain closed. We also ask that nothing is tried on in store to minimise contact with our items; we suggest bringing a tape measure along so you can gauge whether an item will fit. 


Can i pay by card?

Yes! We accept cash & card for all transactions, with no minimum spend. We accept all major cards too - Mastercard, Visa & American Express - plus we also accept contactless payments & Apple Pay.



what does a kilo look like?

The answer is easy - it depends what you buy! For example denim is heavier than silk, so while you'll likely only get one denim jacket for 1kg, you may be able to pick up 7-8 silk blouses for the same price. As a rough average guide, t-shirts tend to weigh around 0.2kg each (£3), shirts tend to weigh around 0.3kg (£4.50), jeans are around 0.6kg (£9) and denim jackets are around 1kg (£15). Don't forget some super heavy items have a maximum price too, such as sheepskin coats or leather jackets which are at most £15, even if they weigh over 1kg 


You can read more about our prices here.

what do you stock?


We stock grade A preloved, vintage & retro clothing and accessories, dating from the 1960's onwards. Find everything from maxi dresses to denim jackets, branded sportswear to Hawaiian shirts, plus plenty more. You can find further information on what we stock on this page.

do you stock plus sizes?


where do you get everything from?

We handpick our items from several of our global suppliers! We do NOT accept any form of donation and we don't work with charity shops, it's all sourced from second hand clothing suppliers who work to stop clothing ending up in landfill. You can read more about what we do and where we source it all here. 

how do i get in touch?

If you still have a quesion or need to contact us, you can use the contact form on this page. Alternatively you can message us on Facebook, Instagram or email us at

You can visit us at 76 Division St, Sheffield, S1 4GF or give us a ring during our opening hours: 07534377873


can i bring my own bag?


Yes! Unlike our events, our shop is on a much smaller scale with fewer people shopping at any one time, and as such we're pleased to allow (and encourage!) the use of your own bags. 

If you don't bring one we will have paper carriers available too. No plastic! 


do you stock plus sizes?


what are your covid-19 safety measures?

We're following all Government guidelines for small retailers and have published a list of measures we'll be implementing, these can be found here.

Failure to comply will result in you being refused entry and we reserve the right to report aggressive or abusive behaviour to the police. 

do i have to spend £15?

No! We price in fractions e.g. half a kilo would be £7.50 and there's no limits to what you can spend. If you just wanted a t-shirt, you'd only pay for the weight of that item. 0.05kg is just 75p so we can always work out the exact price of your haul. Find more info on our pricing here


why is there a 4kg cap on sportswear?


As sportswear is our most popular product, we've decided to cap this at 4kg maximum per person, per day. This ensures that we have enough supply to keep our own rails full, as there are current restrictions on overseas travel combined with freight delays meaning our own deliveries aren't as regular. This restriction will ensure there's enough product for everyone who makes the effort to come and shop with us. 

We really hope everyone will respect this rule as it was only created so we can help out as many small traders as possible. Once deliveries return to their normal frequency we'll be able to remove stock limitations but for now we hope you can all understand and appreciate the angle we have taken on this. 


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