size guide

While some items will have a size listed on the label, this is not always the case and with huge size discrepancies between items from different brands and eras, we size our items based on the measurements alone and not what's present on any labels.


All measurements are taken with the item fastened (if applicable) and laid flat, then this number is doubled to give the chest or waist measurement. Dresses are sized based on both the chest and waist, we'll look at both measurements to work out the best size fit.

All items in a box will generally fit into the corresponding size brackets below, though we may pop in a slightly larger item from time to time if we think it would suit a slight oversized fit. You generally won't receive any item that measures smaller than the size stated on the box you pick. 

We recommend you size up if you're between sizes, want a little extra room or prefer an oversized fit. 

All tops (and dress)


up to 30"


30" - 33"


33" - 36"


36" - 39"


39" - 42"


42" - 45"


45" - 48"


48" - 51"

This includes all t-shirts, polos, blouses, knitwear, sportswear, shirts, jackets & dresses. Items are laid flat, fastened (if applicable) and the measurement is taken from armpit to armpit at the narrowest point, then this number is doubled to give the chest size.

With dresses, we measure from armpit to armpit and we also check the waist measurement too, making sure both sizes correspond to the same size brackets. If there's a variation between the chest and waist measurement on a dress we'll go with whichever is the smaller size or our team will use their noggins to apply their best estimate (e.g. some elasticated waists are tiny when laid flat but they stretch when on!)

To find your own size, wrap a tape measure around your chest just under your armpits (or the fullest part of your chest for those with a fair pair...) and take the reading, making sure the tape measure is straight all the way around you and not too loose or too tight. 

All bottoms

This includes all skirts (plus trousers/shorts if they're in a 1kg Tailored Box).


The item is laid flat and fastened (if applicable) and the measurement is taken straight across the waist at the top of the garment. If an item is elasticated such as some skirts, our team will still look at the size when laid flat, though if it's super, super stretchy we may bump it up a size to account for any slackness, we wouldn't want your clothes falling down unexpectedly! 


We also use this measurement with dresses, which is taken straight across the waist and compared against the chest measurements. If the waist measures into a  smaller size bracket than the chest measurement, we'll usually go with the smaller waist size as we want the item to fit, and it's easier to style something when it's slightly too big rather than too small! 

To find your own size, wrap a tape measure around your waist, just above your hips, keeping the tape measure taught but not too tight.  Take the reading, making sure to keep the tape measure straight all the way around you. 


up to 22"


22" - 25"


25" - 28"


28" - 31"


31" - 34"


34" - 37"


37" - 40"


40" - 43"

This is a guide only, while we will try to ensure all items as part of a 1kg box will fall into the same size category, there may be slight variances. Please also remember there may be up to a 3" variance between garments in your box, one item may measure 36" at the chest for example, but another may be 39", in this instance both items would fall into the medium bracket. If you fall into two size categories, we recommend you size up - it's easier to adjust if it's slightly too big rather than slightly too small!

between sizes? want a more relaxed fit? size up!

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