All our events require a pre-booked online ticket for access - please note that for safety, we are no longer accepting cash or card on the door, you must have an online ticket. All tickets are sold on Eventbrite. Tickets are non-refundable (unless the event is cancelled) and non-exchangeable. If an event is postponed, the tickets will either be automatically refunded or carrier over to the rescheduled event, we'll contact all ticket holders. 

You may be able to order an online entry ticket on the day of the event if you're unsure whether you can attend yet, but they may sell out so book early to avoid disappointment! 

Some events now have timed entry slots, for further information, please read here


free entry tickets

Limited numbers available when an event is first announced! Exactly what it entry to the event on the ticket! Seriously, no catches!

Simply present on entry & we can scan straight from your mobile so no need to print anything, save that paper!

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£1.50 entry tickets

General entry tickets are £1.50, under 12s are free and no ticket is needed. You can revisit unlimited times throughout the day, simply show your ticket on entry again for readmitance!


Just so you know, this small fee simply helps offset some of the hidden costs of hosting the UK's biggest kilo sale, keeping our kilos at just £15! 



£13 advance kilo tickets

Pre-pay for a kilo at a reduced rate! SImply pick out some vintage and when you're ready to pay, redeem at the tills! We'll deduct the value of your pre-paid kilos from your total haul, kinda like a gift card, but make sure to use the full ticket value as we aren't able to give change.

This ticket doesn't include entry to the event, so make sure you book an entry ticket separately. 



£14 bundle tickets

This ticket is the full package! Skip entry and till queues, plus your entry ticket is included and so is one kilo to spend!

If there's an entry queue on the day, simply bypass this and speak to our door team who will send you straight on it. Ready to pay? Skip that queue too! Simply grab the attention of our of our till team and they'll serve you next, plus we'll deduct a kilo from the total value of your haul. 

Bundles temporarily unavailable for upcoming events. This is due to reduced capacity inside our venues, we're unable to guarantee any form of queue jumping without compromising on safety, so we've removed these tickets as an option for now.



timed entry


timed entry tickets

Timed entry tickets allow general event entry however you can only visit during the time stated on your ticket. 

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before time stated on your slot. 

You'll have one hour inside the venue, with 45 minutes to shop and 15 minutes to checkout and pay. You can pay and leave earlier if you do finish shopping but after 45 minutes, all customers must move to the payment area. 

You can book multiple time slots, however you do still need to pay, leave and then re-enter between each slot. We are unable to save your hauls, you must pay and take your purchases with you between time slots. 

These tickets are only available for our high demand events and may sell out, so book your time slot early to avoid disappointment! 


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