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So...what do I do?


What's the 1kg box?



So...what do I do?

Our concept is a completely unique shopping experience, but it's easy to get the hang of, just pop in and pick out some vintage! Once you've found some unique gems, you pay for the item by weight, and our standard rate is £15 per kilo, just like at our events or our online wholesale. 

As an example, t-shirts often weigh around 0.1kg so £1.50, obviously the more you buy the heavier your haul and things like denim jackets will be heavier too, but it often still works out much cheaper than paying individual prices like a traditional vintage shop (and we'd know, we used to be a traditional vintage shop - RIP Mooch Vintage!). 

Is it the same as your events?


Yes! Sort of...


The main difference is that it's a little smaller than our events, but you can still find our full range of vintage. There's also no entry fee and we don't provide a big clear bag on entry - simply bring your own or ask for one of our paper bags when you pay.


Replenishing will be less frequent as well; at events we have to bring fresh stock out non stop to keep up with demand, but as fewer people will be in our shop this demand is therefore reduced. Rest assured though, we do change up the rails regularly! 


Do you stock plus size?

Yes! We handpick every single item we sell, meaning we'll buy anything we find which we believe deserves a second lease of life in someones wardrobe, no matter what size it is! With tonnes of stock available, it's difficult to say exactly what sizes we have at any one time, but we do tend to stock up to at least a size 22 in general. 

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do you stock plus sizes?

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