How it works

We're just like any old vintage shop...with a twist! We don't individually price our items, we weigh them! It's pretty straight forward but if you're a kilo sale virgin, have a read below to find out what exactly happens and how you can score some fab finds at bargain prices!



come on in!

Almost all our events require an entry ticket which helps cover some of the basic costs of hosting such HUGE kilo sales! You can book online via Eventbrite or pay on the door on the day - we accept cash card & contactless. Under 12s are free and no ticket is needed. 

Please note that for popular events, ticket holders are given priority over those paying on the door, so book online if you want guaranteed access.


Some events are very popular, especially for the first few hours so be prepared to queue if you arrive first thing (unless it's a time slot only event). Once inside, we'll hand you a big biodegradable shopping bag and then it's all down to you - let's get rummaging!

Oh, and don't forget to keep ahold of your own personal belongings, we wouldn't want anyone to pick up your items by accident!



lets rummage!

All our items are sorted by type onto rails (e.g. dress, skirt, sportswear, knitwear, jeans etc) or on tables (e.g. handbags) or in big baskets (e.g. scarves and hats). Simply pick a rail and get stuck in! If something takes your fancy, simply remove the coat hanger and pop it back on the rail or throw it into one of our big hanger bins, then add your items to your biodegradable bag. 

Unfortunatly we aren't able to size our items, but don't let that put you off! We always try and bring a variety of sizes and styles, there's literally tens of thousands of unique pieces so you're sure to find something!

You can buy as much or as little as you want, our biodegradable bags are free and unlimited so if you do go overboard, simply grab another! 



non stop stock

We know what you all think...all the best stuff gets snapped up first! WRONG! We actually bring several tonne of EXTRA stock which is released non-stop throughout the day and it's all the same quality as the stuff out first thing - it's why we don't do early entry tickets, there's no need!

As soon as there's a gap on our rails, one of our floor team will nip in the back and fill it straight back up with fresh stock so no matter what time you arrive, there's goodies waiting to be found! 

The downside is that with an endless stream of vintage, it can be hard to know when to stop looking and leave! 



find a good fit

Unfortunately we aren't able to provide fitting rooms however some items can easily be slipped on over your own clothing, or if you bring a tape measure along you can easily work out if something is likely to fit. Measure around your chest, waist & hips and note these numbers down, you'll need them!


To measure a garment, simply lay it flat and take the corresponding measurements (e.g. armpit to armpit to find the chest measurement, or straight across the waist). The trick is to then double this number, and then see if your body measurements match up! Our staff will help you out if you're unsure, but we find most people are pretty good at guessing the fit of a piece and our prices are low enough it's always worth the risk of buying it anyway.... 



heavy haul?

So you've found some fabulous vintage pieces, you're pretty sure they'll fit, your arms are tired from rummaging and your biodegradable bag is's time to weigh! Simply head to our weighstation and drop your entire biodegradable bag into a red bucket, and one of our friendly team will weigh it for you and tell you the price - simple! 

Everything is £15 per kilo and we can calculate the exact price e.g. 1.45kg is £21.75, or 0.3kg is just £4.50. Some items do have a fixed price, but this is always guaranteed to save you money. Heavy coats such as faux furs for example are £15 maximum, meaning if they weigh over 1kg, we'll reduce the price to just £15! Shoes are flat £5 a pair, belts are just £1 each and handbags/sports bags are maximum £10. Remember to show our staff these items separately so we can work out the reduced price!



you just shopped sustainably!

Once we've weighed your items and totalled your haul, it's time to pay! 

If you're happy with your haul, we accept cash, card & contactless transactions. Don't panic if you have gone over your budget (it's easily done!), we're happy to let you go and pick over your finds again before you do finally pay, we won't ever pressure you into commiting to your haul. 

If you change your mind on an item or two, simply leave them in the black hanger bins we'll have scattered around the room. We can re-weigh as many times as necessary until your happy with the total, and once you've paid we'll seal your bag with a secure tie so our security staff know you're good to leave the venue. And then it's time to head home with your new old clothes!

the uk's biggest kilo sale! 

all £15 per kilo!

76 division st, s1 4gf

weekdays 11am - 6pm

sat 10am - 6pm

sun 11am - 5pm