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How it works

Almost all our events require an entry ticket which helps cover some of the basic costs of hosting such HUGE kilo sales! You can book online or pay on the door on the day - we accept cash, card & contactless. Under 12s are free and no ticket is needed. Those who require a carer/assistant can bring someone along for free too. 


​Once inside, we'll hand you a big biodegradable shopping bag and then it's all down to you - let's get rummaging!​

TIP: keep ahold of your own personal belongings, we wouldn't want anyone to pick up your items by accident!

All our items are sorted by type onto rails (e.g. dress, skirt, sportswear, knitwear, jeans etc) or on tables (e.g. handbags) or in big baskets (e.g. scarves and hats). Simply pick a rail and get stuck in! If something takes your fancy, simply remove the coat hanger and pop it back on the rail or throw it into one of our big hanger bins, then add your items to your biodegradable bag. 

Unfortunately we aren't able to size our items, but don't let that put you off! We always try and bring a variety of sizes and styles, there's literally tens of thousands of unique pieces so you're sure to find something!​

TIP: hangers add to the weight! Remove before you pay!

We know what you all think...all the best stuff gets snapped up first! Wrong! We actually bring several tonne of EXTRA stock which is replenished non-stop throughout the day and it's all the same quality as the stuff out first thing - it's why we don't do early entry tickets, there's no need!

As soon as there's a gap on our rails, one of our floor team will nip in the back and fill it straight back up with fresh stock so no matter what time you arrive, there's goodies waiting to be found! 

TIP: visit throughout the day, your ticket lets you re-enter so you can hunt for vintage treasures right until we close

We provide mirrors around the venues to help you find a good fit, and once you're happy with your haul it's time to weigh & pay! 

Simply drop your bag onto our scales and we'll work out the exact price at our rate of £20 per kilo. What does this mean? We calculate our prices in fractions so half a kilo is just £10, with 0.01kg starting at just £1. We don't round up or down, you simply pay what it weighs!

We accept cash, card & contactless. Once you've paid, we'll secure your bag with a tie so our security team knows those new old clothes are now yours. Happy rummaging!

TIP: check for fixed price items and let our staff know when you pay so they can work out the reduced priced for you

Extra stuff thats good to know


From iconic Cathedrals, historic Town Halls, giant sports arenas and bustling student unions, our events thrive in your local community and help bring a whole new shopping experience to the high street.

Most of our venues are centrally located so should have good public transport access, and some may have limited on-site parking available or nearby street parking.


If you are driving, we recommend using Parkopedia - simply choose a date, time and a location and it'll display the nearest car park options for you.


We handpick the vast majority of our stock so we can control the quality and quantity of everything available. Most items are even washed and in ready-to-wear condition. 

Our full range will usually be available across all events, so whether you shop with us in Dundee or Brighton, you'll still be able to find everything you need. 

Wondering exactly what we have? Check out our stock page to learn more.


Keeping our staff and customers safe is our top priority so we hire local door security for each event. Abusive or intimidating behaviour won't be tolerated. We can refuse entry for any reason, but thankfully most people are pleasant enough!

Security will also check all hauls for proof of purchase and they may ask to check your personal bags on exit as well - this is a condition of entry however feel free to leave your personal belongings at the door if you don't wish for them to be searched on your way out (at your own risk). 

sale terms

We do check all items for quality before they hit the rails but sometimes small flaws can slip through. Please check all items thoroughly before purchase to make sure you're happy with them. 

Unfortunately we aren't able to accept exchanges or refunds, all items are sold as seen. 

Ticket Terms

Tickets purchased online are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, though we recommend you book them if you're sure to attend as we can easily update you on any changes to the event (e.g. if it's postponed or cancelled).

You can pay entry on the day on the door if you prefer, we accept cash & card. When you pay entry, you pay for access for the full day so feel free to revisit. Further details about tickets can be found here.


Filming and photography may take place at the venue, either by ourselves or other authorised parties. Please email if you require further information as to whether filming/photography will take place. 

We only allow customers to take photos or film for personal use, please email us if you wish to take professional photography for commercial use.


We strive to only book venues which have accessible facilities, however we do advise you contact the venue direct for full accessibility information.

Our rails are always generously spaced apart where possible (depending on the size of the venue), with plenty of room for pushchairs, strollers, wheelchairs & mobility scooters.


Most rails are around 5ft tall with the dress rails a little taller. If you require a carer/assistant, you're welcome to bring someone along for free. 


Public toilets are not always available at our venues so please be aware that we may not be able to provide access to them.


However, if you require access due to a medical condition, please speak to a member of staff and we'll be able to direct you to the nearest available. 

Baby changing facilities may not be available either so please bear this in mind. If you require a space to breastfeed, please let our staff know and we'll do our best to find you a quiet seat.


We do play music at a loud but comfortable volume to add to the lively atmosphere, however we do respect requests to turn the music down for a short period for those who are auditory sensitive - just let one of our team know.

Our events can also be busy, bustling places - we're unable to grant private access prior to opening however we do recommend visits in the afternoon if you're not comfortable with crowds or queues. We restock all day so you won't miss out. 

Please Note: Last entry is generally half an hour before the event closes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone attempting to visit after this time. Please familiarise yourself with our full terms and conditions before attending.

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