Come on in!

Almost all our events require an entry ticket which helps cover some of the basic costs of hosting such HUGE kilo sales! You can book online or pay on the door on the day - we accept cash, card & contactless. Under 12s are free and no ticket is needed. Those who require a carer/assistant can bring someone along for free too. 


​Once inside, we'll hand you a big biodegradable shopping bag and then it's all down to you - let's get rummaging!

Oh, and don't forget to keep ahold of your own personal belongings, we wouldn't want anyone to pick up your items by accident!

Lets rummage!

All our items are sorted by type onto rails (e.g. dress, skirt, sportswear, knitwear, jeans etc) or on tables (e.g. handbags) or in big baskets (e.g. scarves and hats). Simply pick a rail and get stuck in! If something takes your fancy, simply remove the coat hanger and pop it back on the rail or throw it into one of our big hanger bins, then add your items to your biodegradable bag. 

Unfortunately we aren't able to size our items, but don't let that put you off! We always try and bring a variety of sizes and styles, there's literally tens of thousands of unique pieces so you're sure to find something!

Non-stop Stock

We know what you all think...all the best stuff gets snapped up first! WRONG! We actually bring several tonne of EXTRA stock which is released non-stop throughout the day and it's all the same quality as the stuff out first thing - it's why we don't do early entry tickets, there's no need!

As soon as there's a gap on our rails, one of our floor team will nip in the back and fill it straight back up with fresh stock so no matter what time you arrive, there's goodies waiting to be found! 

The downside is that with an endless stream of vintage, it can be hard to know when to stop looking and leave! 

Weigh & Pay!

We provide mirrors around the venues to help you find a good fit, and once you're happy with your haul it's time to weigh & pay! 

Simply drop your bag onto our scales and we'll work out the exact price at our rate of £20 per kilo. What does this mean? We calculate our prices in fractions so half a kilo is just £10, with 0.01kg starting at just £1. We don't round up or down, you simply pay what it weighs!

We accept cash, card & contactless. Once you've paid, we'll secure your bag with a tie so our security team knows those new old clothes are now yours. Happy rummaging!



free entry

A limited quantity of free entry tickets are released as soon as an event is published online! Be quick if you see them, they get snapped up!​ These are the same as our general £1.50 entry tickets, except free, no catches!

general entry

Entry is £1.50 though under 12's are free. If you require a carer, they can accompany you for free too. You can revisit unlimited times throughout the day, simply show your ticket again for re-entry! This small fee helps keep our kilos low!

green entry

These are the exact same as general entry tickets and you can attend the event as normal, however these are priced at £2 and 50p from the sale of that goes to planting a tree on your behalf via our partnership with Play It Green!

£15 advance kilos

Pre-pay for a kilo at a reduced rate! Simply pick out some vintage and when you're ready to pay, redeem at the tills! We'll deduct the value of your pre-paid kilos from your total haul! Make sure to use the full ticket value as we aren't able to give change.




Use this map to check out the many locations we  visit throughout the year! From iconic Cathedrals, historic Town Halls, giant sports arenas and bustling student unions, our events thrive in your local community and help bring a whole new shopping experience to the high street.


If you can't find your city just yet, keep your eyes peeled online as we add new places regularly!


You can click each map locations to find directions and see which venue we use, though do check the live event listings for up to date information. 


We strive to only book venues which have accessible facilities, however we do advise you contact the venue direct to find full accessibility information.

Most of our venues are centrally located so should have good public transport access, and some may have limited on-site parking available or nearby street parking.


If you are driving, we recommend using Parkopedia - simply choose a date, time and a location and it'll display the nearest car park options for you.


about loyalty cards

Preloved Kilo Loyalty Cards


Because we love you as much as you love us...from October 2021 we're introducing Preloved Kilo Loyalty Cards! Collect stamps across our events & kilo shops and earn free kilos to spend!


  1. For every whole kilo purchased either at one of our events or our Sheffield Kilo Shop, you'll earn 1 stamp. Remember, it's whole kilos only so even if you have 1.95kg, it's still only one stamp.

  2. You can collect them any time you shop with us, so remember to keep your card on you and keep it safe!

  3. When you have 10 stamps, you'll earn a free kilo to spend with us next time you shop!

  4. Simply hand over next time you pay and we'll knock 1kg off the price off your haul.

  5. Remember to pick up another card so you can start collecting again!

new! go digital!

We've gone digital with our loyalty cards! Simply follow the link, sign up & easily add your card to your Apple/Google wallets! You'll never forget your loyalty card ever again! It's the exact same as our paper cards...but digital! Your free kilos will then be saved to your card to redeem as well. Our paper cards will remain available for those who prefer them and anyone with old paper cards can have their stamps move online, just hand your old card over next time you shop with us and we'll transfer them across. 


Can't be earned or redeemed with online purchases. Stamps can't be earned on kilos paid for with Advance Kilo Tickets. Stamps can't be earned on kilos sold at a discount rate, such as staff discounts or membership discounts. No cash value. Lost or stolen cards can't be replaced so please look after them and treat them like cash. We reserve the right to amend the terms or withdraw the card at any point without notification. Our partnership with ASDA is independent to our events and shops and ASDA has no participation or affiliation with the loyalty card. 

Worcester Guildhall

Guildford Cathedral Preloved Kilo Event.

Guildford Cathedral