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Have you seen our latest delivery? It's not hard to miss. 👀 We've had a whole truckload of vintage dropped off!

Our Wayne handpicks the vast majority of it and the best of the branded is baled up at the back; unfortunately yes, it did have to be unloaded by hand...

As soon as it was in our warehouse the team got stuck straight in. Most sacks are already organised by the type of item inside but the branded bales at the back need a little refining, so it was Steve's job to comb through them separating the sweatshirts from the hoodies, the coats from the polos, the jerseys from the track tops.

It's then down to the rest of our team to ensure it's all in good form - they check for faults and damage, deciding if it's worthy of our rails or not. If there is damage, can we repair it? Over to the seamstress it goes! They also check for cleanliness, big stains are spot treated and sent to the laundry, anything looking a little dull or smelling a little fusty is washed too.

We are a sustainable business so nothing is thrown away; anything severely damaged is donated as scrap to be reworked and reused. If it's listed online we'll note any minor flaws in the description; with events we ask customers to check everything over to ensure they're happy with the condition. We don't mind a bit of bobbling or a few pulls, even new clothes will show signs of wear eventually so it's important to normalise these minor flaws to encourage people to keep clothes in circulation for that little bit longer.


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