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Teaming up with Play it Green!

We're SUPER pleased to announce we're now working with Play It Green to help reduce our carbon impact on the planet! 🥳🌳

We aim to plant MILLIONS of trees over the next decade, not only to reduce the carbon footprints of our employees but also of our customers, in turn helping to ensure we're all a bit more climate positive.

Trees are planted for each employee plus we've signed up to weekly sustainability tips from Play It Green to help our team make other green changes. 💚

Our director Steve states "We are very excited to be working with Play It Green to achieve a climate positive workforce. It makes me proud to take these steps as a business.

I firmly believe this will encourage others to think more consciously about climate change and the impact they have on the environment, so plan to promote these messages further throughout our activities, doing as much good as possible."

We always strive to offer as many green initiatives as possible, from using paper packaging to biodegradable mail bags, and now we're thrilled to be able to offset some of the invisible damage and help our business have an even more positive impact on the planet.

We've spoke to Richard Dickson, Head of Engagement at Play It Green who says “Circularity is one of the pillars of sustainability and that's why I was so excited to meet Steve and the team from Preloved Kilo.

Our partnership means that we can collaborate on both reforestation and helping people take a journey to a more sustainable future. With trees, weekly tips, access to discounted sustainable alternatives, and through the power of a like-minded community, we can change the world!"

Not only this, as part of our work with Play It Green, donations will also be made to several amazing causes including MIND and Weston Park Cancer Charity, so there's lots of great things happening all round!

Dickson explains "Weston Park Cancer Charity supports cancer research, treatment, and support services will also financially benefit from this partnership. Play It Green has a unique business model whereby ten percent of all revenues derived from a member are passed onto a good cause of their choice, as climate change causes social issues."

We know you're all an eco conscious bunch and shopping sustainably with us is just one small way to help the planet, but imagine if you could offset the carbon footprint of travelling to an event or having a mystery box delivered too - we hope to make this a reality in the near future!

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates; you can visit our Forest Garden online and see how many trees we've planted, plus check out Play It Green for further info.

Team Preloved



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