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Rewinding it back...


You guys know we're a small business and we're all real humans back here, so we can actually listen to our customers and we can actually act on feedback given. We know times have been tough over the past year, ourselves included, but after doing some number crunching we've decided to rewind our prices to £15 per kilo for the whole of January! This includes all our January events PLUS our Sheffield shop! And depending on how it goes, we'll try and keep it at that rate for the foreseeable future...

We hope this gives people the chance to find quality vintage & branded clothing at an even more affordable rate at a time typically known to be the hardest of the year. Plus if we can sustain our own expenses with the lower pricing, we'll do our best to keep it at our original rate as long as possible. 

Thankfully inflation does seem to be slowing but we're all too aware of the ridiculous cost of living at the moment, so this is a little thank you for the continued support over the years, especially when we had no choice but to initially increase the pricing when our own costs were skyrocketing. 

➡️ The new rate will apply to all January events and will be applicable in the Sheffield shop from 26th December. ⬅️

Unfortunately there does have to be a few small catches: one is there will be no more reduced Advance Kilo tickets available to purchase for events. These allowed customers to pre-pay at a reduced rate but that reduced rate is now the default. 

Secondly, we won't be able to issue loyalty reward stamps for kilos purchased at this rate, however if you do have free kilos already earned you can continue to spend them in the shop and events as normal, it's just no new stamps will be issued (which to be honest has always been the case anyway when paying less than £20 per kilo!)

And finally we won't be able to offer student discount in the Sheffield shop anymore, and any 10% off flyers are no longer valid (these have been given out at our HQ and around Sheffield in the past).

Coats will continue to be capped at £20 rather than £15, however we will be extending the price cap to include ALL heavy items (such as knitwear, jackets, dresses etc) meaning every single item will now be priced at £20 or less, no more confusion! Bags & shoes will still be capped at a maximum of £10 each. 

The rate of £15 per kilo is a very fair rate and we hope it'll work for us as a business again so we can offer it for the year ahead, so any other coupons, codes, flyers or discounts we've forgot about won't be valid, but the overall price drop itself should be a fair enough compromise. 😊

We did always say we'd return to £15 per kilo if we could so this is us attempting to keep that promise. The January events will be announced later this evening, we look forward to see you all very soon and fingers crossed we can make this work! 🤞💚♻️


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