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  • What's stocked?
    Find a range of quality vintage & second hand clothing! Every item is sourced by us and handpicked for the site. ​ Just like at our events, you can pretty much find our full range of vintage & branded clothing - dress, skirt, blouse, coats, denim, sportswear, shirts, shoes & bags, trousers, knitwear & more! Our items are mostly from the 1960's - 2000's with the occasional older piece from time to time, and we have plenty of your favourite brands too.
  • How do I browse & shop?
    Use the menu to browse our categories or if you're after something specific, use the search bar to find relevant results. The size is listed in the top left of the photo, or you can click an item to view the description which will include any relevant information such as sizes on the labels, measurements and any notable flaws or comments on the condition. The filters on each page allow you to narrow your selection down: use the price slider to set a budget, choose a colour preference, pick your size or filter by gender. Adding an item to your bag doesn't reserve it unfortunately, so bear in mind someone else could check out first.
  • What sizes do you have?
    We try and stock a wide range of sizes from XXS to 5XL+, though with many of our items being vintage it can prove difficult to source older pieces in larger sizes, particularly vintage womenswear. We've touched on this in one of our blog posts here. You can use the filters on each page to narrow your selection down by size.
  • How do you size everything?
    For more modern pieces such as sportswear or t-shirts, we'll simply use the size label as they tend to be pretty accurate among current sizing standards. We also have our own size chart for items which are vintage or don't have any size labels present. We created our own size chart by comparing the charts offered by modern high street brands, this gave use the average measurements usually used for each size - so our own sizing guide is a good reflection of modern standards and should be pretty accurate. When sizing without any labels an item we simply use the measurements and compare them to our chart to get the size. Items are measured from armpit to armpit or across the waist, and trousers, jeans & dungarees have the leg measured too. If you click on an item and view the description, we'll try and include any sizes on the labels if they're present, as well as our own recommended size and the measurements. If you need further insight into how we size everything up, check out our dedicated size guide page.

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